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In Memorium…II

Great big, stupid, happy grin

Great big, stupid, happy grin

The house has been too quiet since July 27th. WH and I had to take Murphy to NGAP (National Greyhound Adoption Program) to have him euthanized. That decision is possibly the most difficult I’ve ever had to make. But in the end, it was the right one…for Murphy and for us.

Murphy came to us almost 7 years ago as a 4.5 year-old retired racing greyhound. He was missing a toe, rather shy and nervous, and a little bit of “velcro-doggie”.  At the time we had a Chevy Cavalier which wasn’t exactly the best suited vehicle for a 73 lbs, long-legged, needle-nosed animal. Murphy ended up sloshing around the back seat no matter how carefully WH handled the car.

Upon getting in the house, it took hours for Murphy to even decide to stop moving. Every time one of us moved, he was right there, plastered against our thigh waiting to move in lock-step. He spent most of the evening smelling and tasting everything. He checked out the cookbooks in the kitchen, every nook and cranny that could possibly exist on the first floor.

Upon heading to bed, we managed to get him to come “up” the stairs. In the morning, WH picked Murphy up and carried him down the stairs. It took WH a little over 2 weeks to train Murphy to come down the stairs all on his own.

Murphy had a special ability to charm even the most disinterested human. WH’s mother is one of the most lady-like people I know. She’s amazing and I’m always impressed with patience and grace with which she deals with life. Just previous to their first visit after getting Murphy, WH’s mother asked if the dog jumped up. We said no. He’s perfectly well-behaved.

What did Murphy do upon first meeting his “Grand-mare”? He put both his front paws on the couch, one on each side and reached up into my MIL’s face and gave her a delicate lick-kiss right on the nose.

What did my MIL do every time we visited? She made sure she had lunchmeat in the house to sneak to him as we cleaned up dinner dishes.

On MILs parlor sofa

On MIL's parlor sofa

And that was the beginning of a beautiful love-affair between 2 humans and 1 canine. All 3 of us were lucky to have each other. There isn’t a day that goes by where the 2 humans left don’t know how blessed they were to have Murphy in their lives.


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